Author: Tomasz Oryński

Tomasz Oryński is a Polish freelance journalist based in Glasgow, writing mostly on Polish politics. Since he is also a great passionate of transport and works part-time as a truck driver, he has a good chance to observe challenges to the haulage industry in the UK caused by Brexit.

“It’s only one petrol station…”

Tomasz Oryński

“It’s only one garage”, I was told when I mentioned that there was no HGV diesel at Lomond Gate earlier this week. But is it really not an issue when only some garages have no fuel? A thread: Lomond Gate is the last garage on the A82 going north that is really suitable for trucks. […]

Polish truck driver to Grant Shapps: digital licences are nothing new and you did not have to leave the EU to get them!

Tomasz Oryński

“Our transport network will be fairer, greener and more efficient thanks to our exciting new post-EU freedoms. We will introduce digital licences…” – wrote Grant Shapps on his Twitter. “Cool”, I thought to myself, “finally some benefit of Brexit!” But is it? I had heard about digital licences somewhere before. Where was that? Ah, I […]