Review of 2022 – part 2: the articles you may have missed

Photo by Brateevsky

For the second part of our review, here are some articles which were read by hundreds rather than thousands. We think you might have missed some of them! We are particularly anxious that the passage of time and the power of propaganda does not wipe our memories of some of the terrible people who have contributed to the weakening of our democracy, normalised cruelty to the vulnerable and undermined truth, justice and integrity. And there’s some fun stuff as well!

In February 2022 we put out this piece expressing our concern for the future of judicial review. We remain extremely worried.

Emma Monk explained why we should not be nonchalant about Omicron. The politicians and media may have declared the pandemic over, but it wasn’t back in February 2022 and it still isn’t now.

In March, Tom Scott wrote about the National Trust’s history of radicalism. It was with some relief that we saw the anti-woke brigade thwarted in their attempt to wrest control of this important institution later in the year.

March also saw a strong article from Zero Hour campaigner, Simon Oldridge:

And there was this from Sadie Parker. If only the environment for refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants had improved! It has ony got worse, with Braverman taking Patel-style cruelty to new depths.

Tomasz Oryński is our go-to Polish journalist (and part-time lorry driver). Too few people caught his tough analysis of the Russia/Ukraine situation and its implications for the rest of us.

From May, a really important piece from Mark E Thomas on the power exerted by a mainstream media owned by (offshore-based) billionaires:

This, from former senior civil servant Richard Haviland, is a salutary reminder of the crass incompetence of this Conservative regime…of course, there have been a fair few foreign secretaries since this piece came out in May…

Johnson. Plans are afoot to bring him back. This must never happen. Let’s not forget how appalling he was/is/always will be. Please.

Our Somerset editor, Mick Fletcher, principally writes on education matters, but he is also the provider of delightful bucolic or gently informative nature-based pieces that provide a welcome respite from the gloom. Here are two such articles:

We love Mr Rushforth’s delicately brutal cartoons and deliciously scatological commentary. Here he is on fine form over Brexit nonsense:

This fascinating ‘compare and contrast’ from Tom Scott was missed by many. It’s a gem:

As was this, also from Tom:

And finally an article entitled ‘Letter to Labour’ but, quite frankly, addressed to any politician who can help to reverse twelve years of hell and hellish policies:

Happy New Year, everyone. 2023 HAS to be better, somehow.